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About AmRent

With more than 25 years experience, AmRent is the nation's most trusted and comprehensive resident screening service provider. AmRent's commitment is displayed in its involvement and membership of more local apartment associations than any other resident screening company.

We help property owners and managers throughout the United States improve their bottom line by quickly converting qualified applicants to residents while reducing skips and evictions. AmRent equips you with most accurate and complete information, including:

  • Property Management Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Eviction Records
  • Credit Reports
  • Scoring Tools

AmRent helps guide apartment owners and property managers toward sound decisions when approving rental applications. By gathering and reporting timely and comprehensive screening data in an easily readable format, AmRent provides economic, fact-based guidance on the potential stability of prospective renters.

Collecting data is our strength. Each AmRent report is based on information gleaned from our entire database. Searches are not limited to counties listed by the applicant. AmRent will provide a comprehensive report based on all matching data available.

Our service includes training for apartment personnel in how to read and interpret the reports as well as continuous consultation and support.

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Company History

AmRent was founded in Houston, Texas in 1981 and has become one of the largest providers of credit information, property management data, and criminal records to the apartment industry. By continuously searching for more sophisticated data gathering techniques and expanding its operational reach, AmRent now offers services throughout the United States.

Accurate data is the foundation of all AmRent reports. Criminal records, eviction cases, property supplied information and data received from collection agencies are all included in our proprietary database.

In 1997 AmRent became a member of the CBCInnovis family. CBCInnovis is a privately held company with more than 50 years experience in the business. While continuing to operate as a separate company, AmRent's affiliation with CBCInnovis has accelerated its ability to work for more clients in more locations while maintaining cost efficiency.

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About CBCInnovis

CBCInnovis is a unique full service reporting company operating a variety of real estate support businesses that provide:

  • Credit Reports
  • Application Processing
  • Resident Screening
  • Prescreen Credit Promotion Lists
  • Collection Services
  • Mortgage Reports
  • Flood Reports
  • Employment Screening
  • Property Reports

Whether processing consumer loans, mortgage loans, apartment rental applications, interviewing potential employees, or reducing outstanding delinquent accounts, CBC Innovis provides customers with a wide range of products, using the latest technology and dedicated customer services. For more information about the CBCInnovis family of companies, please visit the CBCInnovis corporate website at

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