Who can use the service?

AmRent serves companies in the housing industry such as property management companies, affordable housing, manufactured housing and other real estate related businesses.

Can any size property owner use this service?

Yes, programs can be tailored to meet the unique needs of independent landlords, local management firms, and national REITS or management companies.

My portfolio is unique; how will AmRent accommodate my needs?

AmRent has solutions that help process applications for HUD, tax credit, and conventional communities. An AmRent marketing representative will help you customize a program that meets the needs of each property.

Can I customize the AmRent Applicant Screening system to match my company goals?

Whether you are in a lease up mode or more concentrated on debt recovery, AmRent can help meet your unique goals.

How can AmRent process applicants so quickly?

AmRent's unique processing system uses various automated methods to expedite the process of delivering reports or decisions to your company. AmRent's ability to deliver either a full disclosure or a decision recommendation quickly allows properties to make "point-of-sale" approvals before the prospective resident leaves the office.

Why should I trust AmRent's screening results?

AmRent's reputation is built on the integrity of its data services and people. The use of our custom scorecard or decision program also ensures that decisions are consistent with your policies.

What security measures are in place to ensure privacy?

When processing AmRent reports via online or a preferred partner platform, reports are protected through SSL-enabled HTTP to transmit data. Only members who have a permissible purpose under the FCRA can access reports.

What is the cost of the AmRent Applicant Screening service?

Complete details of AmRent's programs will be discussed during the membership process.

Where does AmRent get its information?

We maintain a proprietary database and supplement our data with outside sources. AmRent extracts criminal data from multiple sources, including state registries, as well as county-level courthouses. When necessary, AmRent uses third party contractors for additional data sources. The national credit repositories - Equifax®, Experian and TransUnion® - are available to all customers.