Marketing Material

AmRent Cornerstones Overview
Decision Program
Multi-State Criminal Database
Resident Screening
Identity Verification

White Papers

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Training Webinars

Applicant Screening and Criminal Histories…Addressing Disparate Impact Liability Under the Fair Housing Act
Learn about the various considerations for housing providers when developing a criminal history screening policy.
Navigating the FCRA
A comprehensive training session regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other important consumer reporting requirements.
How To Interpret an AmRent Report
Learn how to interpret the contents of an AmRent report.

Accessing AmRent Reports through CBCWeb

A demonstration of the features and benefits of accessing reports through CBCWeb.

AmRent Resident Screening Training Via the Rent Manager® Integration

A training session regarding the resident screening integration between AmRent and Rent Manager.

Compliance & Training Guides

HUD Policy Guidance - Use of Criminal Information

  • Summary of HUD Announcement
  • Top Ten Residential Screening Business Practices
  • Report Reference Guide
    Adverse Action Letter - Counter Offer

    (English) (Spanish)

    Adverse Action Letter - No Reasons

    (English) (Spanish)

    Adverse Action Letter - Reasons

    (English) (Spanish)

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