Building Blocks for a Strong Foundation of Resident Excellence

Developing an effective resident screening program can be a complex and detailed undertaking. Despite this, it can add value by saving money and increasing revenue for your company. AmRent offers a wide range of innovative solutions that deliver quality data, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.


Credit Reporting

Easy-to-read credit reports containing valuable information on an applicant’s credit history give you a comprehensive look at your potential resident, which may provide you more information than your applicants disclose themselves. AmRent generated credit reports contain your choice of information from all three national credit repositories.

Criminal Records

Comprehensive criminal record searches can enhance your ability to protect your community by identifying potential safety risks. AmRent delivers reports containing multi-state, single-state, and county criminal records on sex offender registries, felonies, and misdemeanors. In addition to giving you access to criminal record data that help reduce the time it takes to qualify an applicant, AmRent can assist with report interpretation, including criminal record offense descriptions.

Eviction Data

With records from county courts across the United States, AmRent offers comprehensive, easy-to-read eviction reports. Unlike other screening services, AmRent’s reports follow the eviction process from start to finish.


RapidReview allows you to enhance consistency and reduce staff training, while gaining a greater number of dependable residents. This automated solution allows you to define the custom selection criteria to determine if a potential applicant meets your community's standards.

Identity Verification

AmRent's Cross Check report with Synthetic ID indicator provides identity validation of the input name, address, DOB, SSN and phone number, and proactively alerts you to potential rental fraud risks at the point of application. Cross Check also helps you minimize risk, reduce losses and strengthen your U.S.A. Patriot Act and FACTA Red Flags compliance efforts by detecting data inconsistencies and screening against OFAC and other high-risk alerts.

Employment Verification

Evaluating and verifying applicant employment and income is critical to those in the rental housing space. However, it can be a time-consuming, manual process and outsourcing to a third party can add significant cost. AmRent's Rapid Employment Verification (REV) product uses a simple 7 step process to analyze the account to verify employment and income. REV provides the name of the Employer, Estimated Monthly Income and a Confidence Indicator to simplify your process.

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